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Yoga Nidra meditation is a powerful practice for your body, mind, and spirit, helping you relax deeply and be open to new experiences and insights. Yoga Nidra for sleep and anxiety rapidly induces deep relaxation, allowing you to access your subconscious mind and achieve a state of blissful awareness. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, increase mental clarity and creativity, promote a better night’s sleep, and get in touch with your emotions.

Yoga Holmes offers relaxing and interactive yoga Nidra online classes. Combine meditation with yoga Asana postures to achieve deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Learn mindfulness techniques for stress relief and falling asleep and understand how to switch off your mind to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Our yoga Nidra online class provides a simple yet powerful soundscape you can enjoy anytime.

How yoga Nidra differs from meditation 

Our yoga Nidra online classes will guide you to Yogic sleep — a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. As opposed to meditation, it is quite easy to do, and beneficial effects are felt even after the first practice. Your mind is guided into a waking dream state. As you reach deeper states of consciousness, you may sow seeds of intention into the rich soil of your deep consciousness using a resolution known as a Sankalpa, which is often silently stated at the beginning and end of the session.

Although often compared to meditation, it is quite different. For instance, yoga Nidra seeks conscious awareness, whereas meditation does not. Also, meditation requires practice concentrating on a single object, yet with yoga Nidra, the mind is put to sleep without concentration. Yoga Nidra only asks that you listen and stay awake.

It is a practice that helps clear and relaxes the mind, yet it is just not a relaxation exercise. Relaxation is only the beginning. Numerous techniques such as rotation of awareness, breathing techniques, invocation of body sensations and emotions, and sometimes guided visualizations bring consciousness to a deeper realm.

Yoga Nidra meditation poses to promote a balanced state of being

There are eight stages of yoga Nidra to attain mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, the first four being the most important:

  • Settling or Initial Relaxation — This is the preparatory stage of the body to move you to internal awareness.
  • Intention or Sankalpa — Train your mind and heart to achieve your heart’s deepest longing.
  • Body Rotation or Rotation of Consciousness — In this stage, one’s awareness will be rotated through the body, allowing it to relax and follow instructions.
  • Breath and Energy Awareness — Achieve a deeper relaxation drawing you to your inner sensations and energy.
  • Sense Perception — Experience opposite sensations cultivating your willpower, allowing you to relax emotionally.
  • Visualization — Remove all negativities from your mind to achieve mental relaxation.
  • Resolve or Sankalpa — Remind yourself of your heart’s desires and intentions so they can sink deep into your subconsciousness.
  • Externalization — To move out of yoga Nidra meditation without feeling disoriented, you need to undergo this stage to be aware of your mind, body, breath, and surroundings.

Getting ready for your yoga Nidra online class

To prepare for your yoga Nidra online class, first, find a quiet place to practice. Wear comfortable clothing. Lay on your mat (avoid laying on your bed as you will likely fall right to sleep) reclined on your back with limbs slightly separated from each other and your body. A blanket, either under you or over you, may make the practice more comfortable since yoga Nidra meditation can last between 20 to 45 minutes. If needed, a small pillow (avoid bed pillows) can be used under your head. If you fall to sleep, you will still get a great nap. Find your bliss with our online yoga Nidra classes.

Join our yoga Nidra online class today for a relaxed body and mind 

Yoga Nidra meditation is a relaxation technique to unwind and reduce stress, helping you understand why you’re stressed. The class offers a 14-day trial to master this ancient practice to improve your sleep, calm your mind, and relieve anxiety. Start your yoga Nidra online class today and learn guided meditations. 

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A man in a sitting yoga position and a woman lying in her back


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