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Our vinyasa yoga class is a continuous movement through postures (asanas) with breath. Often described as flow, the practice moves the body continuously, guided by each inhale and exhale. Each practice is unique and invites new discovery into the body as it is challenged with varying entries, exits and combinations of asana.

Most often, the vinyasa yoga class includes a standing flow as described above and:

  • Single-leg asanas to improve balance
  • Asanas focused on twists, back and side-body to improve flexibility and strength
  • Overall core strength to support the body during work and play
  • Options for a variety of inversions are offered throughout the practice including related modifications and advanced variations

As the practice winds down, deep stretches to increase the flexibility of your hips, hamstrings and thighs are invited.

Our vinyasa yoga class is a great all-encompassing approach to keep the body moving and improve your strength, flexibility and skill to chill. Join us at any of our online vinyasa yoga classes on Yoga Holmes TV, at one of the Las Vegas, NV TruFusion Studios or at our next Yoga Retreat.

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