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Start your Power Vinyasa practice with the best platform for online yoga classes

At Yoga Holmes, we’ve refined our online Vinyasa yoga classes to offer the best guidance and support for remote practice. No matter where you are or how much experience you have with yoga, you’ll find our online classes easy to follow and supportive.

If you’re ready to find your flow and start progressing on your yoga journey, look no further than the best platform for online yoga classes at Yoga Holmes.

Is Vinyasa yoga good for beginners?

While Power Vinyasa is certainly challenging, we encourage yogis of all skill and experience levels to embrace their potential through standing flow and build up their practice. Both modifications and advanced variations cater to a range of skill levels. If you’re unsure whether this class is right for you, feel free to get in touch with us with any questions you may have.

Is Power Vinyasa yoga hard?

Power Vinyasa yoga works by inviting the body to discover its own strength and endurance through strong postures, challenging entries, and techniques to unlock the potential of your own body. You’ll find your strength as you build asanas or postures — supported by breath and a focused mind.

How do I learn Vinyasa yoga online?

Whether you’ve attempted Power Vinyasa before or are looking to embark on a new journey of discovery, our online Vinyasa yoga classes couldn’t be easier. With our structured program that focuses on guidance and connecting the mind and body, you’ll be able to flow through this vigorous practice.

What platforms do you use to teach Vinyasa yoga?

Our online yoga membership is fully accessible on PC, Mac, iPad, and other iOS or Android mobile device platforms. This offers you full access to our on-demand yoga instructors wherever and whenever it suits you.

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Power Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Our power vinyasa yoga class is a vigorous flow through strength building postures (asanas) with breath. Each practice is unique and invites discovery into the body’s potency and endurance as it is challenged with strong postures, challenging entries, exits and combinations of asana.

The main difference from our vinyasa yoga practices is power vinyasa’s contagious energy which invites depth and endurance by letting go of the mind’s first step of “Get me out of this pose!” Instead, you are invited to come back to breath and proper alignment to discover the potential within you.

The power vinyasa yoga class includes a standing flow as described above and:

  • Single-leg asanas to improve balance
  • Asanas focused on twists, back and side-body to improve flexibility and strength
  • Overall core strength to support the body during work and play
  • Options for a variety of inversions are offered throughout the practice including related modifications and advanced variations such as pincha mayurasana (forearm stand) and adho mukha vrksasana (handstand).

As the practice winds down, deep stretches are included to increase the flexibility of your hips, hamstrings and thighs.

Join us at any of our many online power vinyasa yoga classes provided on Yoga Holmes TV, or join us for our live classes at one of the Las Vegas, NV TruFusion Studios or at our next Yoga Retreat.

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